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Hood Street | Subiaco


Western Australia

Year Completed


Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) approved mixed use development set to commence construction in late 2018. The building encompasses 48 apartments which are a combination of 3-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 1-bedroom apartments with generous outdoor living areas together with a cafe/restaurant on the ground floor.

Our latest project is located at 22-24 Hood Street, Subiaco. Our point of differentiation is in the facade with consideration to Subiaco’s character, history, culture and environment. Railway lines, nostalgic references, fragmentation and industrial elements all play a part in the design. An interpretation that is unique and distinct and embodies ideas on contact and place in a more expressive manner. Consideration was given to upholding Subiaco’s character and heritage.

The site is located in the old industrial zone North of the railway line within close proximity to the Subiaco railway station. The site is interestingly juxtaposed between the old and the new. Adjoining the site is an existing workshop that represents the old industrial use and on the other side, a brand new 6 storey mixed use development. This fragmentation is quite evident throughout, as Subiaco goes through its metamorphosis.

The Railway Line plays a significant part in reshaping and defining Subiaco. CRD appointed Australian Visual Artist, Angela McHarrie who obtained imagery of Subiaco’s iconic Old Railway Station. Intricate patterns of the railway lines will be mapped into the building facade and will be displayed as photographic and graphic imagery on perforated metal split across all panels.